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Welcome to Crossroads Health and Wellness

Putting health and care back into healthcare.  

Proudly serving patients in Florida and North Carolina!  

Click the link below to schedule a virtual meet-and-greet to learn more! 


Direct Primary Care

What if your family doctor was:

  • Affordable

  • Accessible

  • Your personal guide to true health and wellness …

      … as doctors were intended to be?


What if you could avoid:

✖ Difficult scheduling

✖ Busy waiting rooms

✖ Third parties dictating your care

✖ Lack of pricing transparency

Getting the care you want doesn’t have to be so complicated.


High Quality




Personalized Care for Patients Ages 0 -99+

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No Hidden Costs


Unlimited Visits

American Star

Accepting patients without traditional vaccine schedules.

Promoter of Medical Freedom and Informed Consent.

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Membership Pricing

For a low monthly fee, you will have access to your personal family physician with a limited panel of patients. Why a limited panel? Because we want to ensure your access to care is not compromised.  Why stand in line for an appointment when you need it most?

Monthly Membership



Per month

  • Each additional family member is $75/month with a maximum of $350/month per family

  • One-time sign up fee:  $50 per patient – maximum $150 per family

Limited Time Offer! 

Non-Member Visits


Per visit

  • Based on schedule availability.

  • Urgent Care  - $150

  • Annual Physical - $300

  • Sports Physical - $99

  • May be used one time.  Membership required for subsequent visits. 

Monthly Membership (ages 0 through 99+ years) includes:

  • Unlimited virtual and in-person visits

  • Access to physician by phone, text, or e-mail

Are you wondering if Crossroads Health and Wellness is a good fit for you? 

Let's get to know each other with a free 15 minute virtual meet-and-greet.  
(No medical advice will be given during the free meet-and-greet.)

Our family is so grateful for Crossroads and the care that was provided by Dr. Doty. I appreciate the time she took with us to ask questions and to really understand what our needs were.  I love the flexibility of Crossroads and their holistic approach to healing. 

K.F. - North Carolina


“The Osteopath should find health. To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

AT Still, D.O.

Founder of Osteopathic Medicine

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